How Did Miami Fruit Begin?


Our Co-Owner Rane had a passion for fruits from the beginning! It all started with Rane and his bike, riding from different farms in South Florida where he worked and built relationships with local farmers. From here, he would ride his bike to Miami and sell the local fruits of many small farms at farmers markets! Over time, many friends and family members started reaching out to Rane to buy fruit on Facebook to be shipped to their doors. Along this adventure Rane met Edelle and she joined him in his fruit endeavors, where they began shipping fruit out of a small facility in Rane’s moms backyard; that was nicknamed “the fruit cave”. They also built a small fruit forest in her back yard. A short time later Rane’s mentor Bill, sold them their very own piece of land. The Miami Fruit facility was born on this land, as well as, many very special rare and exotic fruits that are now flourishing. Rane and Edelle have recently purchased another 5 acres and intend to continue growing as many rare fruits as they can to share with you and other fruit enthusiasts! 

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